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Communion boy with chalice

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Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 10.5 cm


  • Package size : 8.5x5x10.5 cm
  • Product made in resin and hand painted.
  • Packed in a personalised box.
  • Ideal gift for all ages!
  • Fun way to learn about Catholicism, Saints and their history.
  • Designed in Portugal
  • Decoration item. It’s not a toy.

Holy Communion is the most precious gift and most blessed Sacrament given to us by Jesus Christ Himself. It is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, truly present under the appearance of bread and wine offered at Mass. Through Holy Communion, we are given the chance to become one with God not just spiritually, but physically, taking Him into our hearts. This Guardian Angel with the Body and Blood of Jesus is a reminder of the special day on which a child received their First Holy Communion.

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 10.5 cm


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