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Transparent glue that allows quick and safe assembly. It remains elastic and unalterable over time, does not stain and does not penetrate absorbent surfaces. Ideal for joining any type of material: photographs, fabrics, stencil, etc. Shake well before use, test before use. Spray the stand evenly at a distance of 20-25cm, allow the glue to stand for 2 to 5 minutes until it is cheeky (if the holder is very porous it is recommended to let stand half an hour and give a second coat), this way you can fix The object firmly without bubbles and remove it at will without problems. For parts that you want to remove without leaving any traces of supporting coland, apply the spray on the object to be bonded and let it air for a few minutes to avoid staining. If you want the object to be glued, apply glue to both parts.


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