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Saint George

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Dimensions 15.5 × 16 × 15.5 cm


Package size : 15.5x16x15.5 cm
Product made in resin and hand painted.
Packed in a personalised box.
Ideal gift for all ages!
Fun way to learn about Catholicism, Saints and their history.
Designed in Portugal
Decoration item. It’s not a toy.

George was a soldier in the roman army under emperor Diocletian. In the year 303, the emperor ordered that all Christian soldiers should be arrested and all the others should offer sacrifices to the Roman gods. George announced that he was a Christian. The emperor, who was very close to George, tried to make him give up his Christian beliefs, but Jorge remained faithful to Christianity. The emperor had George executed on April 23, 303. George became a martyr. There is also a legend that says that George promised to fight against a very dangerous dragon and save the king’s daughter if people would convert to Christianity. George saved the girl and all the kingdom’s people became Christian. Saint George feast day is April 23.

Additional information

Dimensions 15.5 × 16 × 15.5 cm


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