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Our Lady of Good Deliverance

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Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × 8.8 cm


  • Product size: 4.5×3.5×8.8 cm
  • Package size : 8.5x5x10.5 cm
  • Product made in resin and hand painted.
  • Packed in a personalised box.
  • Ideal gift for all ages!
  • Fun way to learn about Catholicism, Saints and their history.
  • Designed in Portugal
  • Decoration item. It’s not a toy.

Did you know that children have sometimes seen angels, or even Mary in the past? When this happens is called an apparition. One day during the spring of 1916, three shepherd children named Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta began to have apparitions of an angel. He called himself The Angel of Peace. The Angel of Peace appeared to them three times and told them to pray to God often. When the Angel of Peace appeared to the children the third time, he gave them each Holy Communion, which is the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Soon after the angel appeared to them, the Blessed Mother began to appear to them too. She brought them messages from Jesus, and told them to pray the rosary often for sinners. Mary appeared to the children six times. Mary promised to give the children a miracle so that everyone would believe their message. She kept her promise, and on one rainy day, during the last apparition, the sun began to dance around the sky. Beautiful colors came from the sun, and the sun grew bigger and bigger until it looked like it was coming to earth. When it stopped, the ground that was once wet had become dry. After the miracle, many people were healed from their sicknesses, and others chose to follow God and become Catholic. Many people travel to Fatima, Portugal today to see the place that Mary appeared to the children. We must not forget that Mary asks us to pray the rosary for others. Who can we pray the rosary for?


Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × 8.8 cm


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